ID cards recognition

Applying OCR technology to identify and extract information from a variety of identification documents allows businesses to automatically process millions of documents quickly and with high accuracy.


Why choose us?


Identify and extract information from a variety of identification documents

OCR solution from CVS is adept at extracting information from many different types of identification documents such as:

- Identity Card
- Passport
- Driver’s License.

In addition, we can train our AI to identify other types of documents as required.

A fast and highly reliable solution

CVS offers one of the fastest information extraction products, processing 1 extraction in less than 2 seconds on the CPU version and less than 0.7 seconds with the GPU version, which can help businesses process millions of documents remarkably fast.

With over 95% accuracy, which has been confirmed by our customers, our solution is one of the most reliable products in the market.

Moreover, CVS OCR is capable of handling even difficult cases such as rotated images, poor-quality images and images without corners.

We also support automatic detection of counterfeit documents by AI.

Provide outstanding benefits compared to manual process


Speed up the digitization process

The manual process requires humans to read information from personal papers then upload it into the system. CVS OCR helps businesses to replace this time-consuming and error-prone procedure with the ability to process automatically, quickly and accurately millions of documents.

Improve customer satisfaction

Simply receive information from CVS OCR then automatically fill in the forms, helping customers to go through the registration process fast while bringing a seamless experience to them.

Reduce operating costs and scale up faster than ever

CVS OCR helps businesses reduce labor costs, operating costs and save a lot of time compared to manual process. With our solution, you can dynamically scale up or down your business as planned without depending on a costly and time consuming hiring process. Not only does CVS provide the best OCR solution but CVS also offers one of the most competitive prices for this product.

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