eKYC is an online customer identification method that requires no face-to-face meetings.
eKYC helps to reduce human resources, provide a better experience for customers and save costs for Business.


Complete digital identity verification solution

Character recognition - OCR

OCR technology based on AI reads and extracts information on identification documents, helps automate the process of filling information of users, shortening the time of inputting, reducing errors and bringing satisfaction to users. customer.

Face matching

Face recognition and AI-based face matching technology will verify identity accurately based on selfies and ID photos.

Fraud prevention

Build multi-layer automated fraud detection and fraud based on AI, meet the highest standards of reliability in many fields such as finance, banking, insurance, telecommunications networks ...

Handle identity verification requests for AML and KYC


Meet your legal obligations and delight your customers

You do not need to compromise user experience to meet the identity verification requirements of KYC and AML regulations.

InstaKYC CVS helps you balance both priorities with user-centric design, adding smoothness to the areas where you need to ask customers for more data to verify their identity. For example, CVS InstaKYC's unique SDK, including glare and blur detection, provides real-time feedback to help users send only high quality images for document verification. Our OCR Autofill extracts data from their identification documents and uses it to automatically pre-fill the registration form, so they don't need to type. And our SDK works on all platforms, from desktops to tablets and smartphones, so users can integrate it into all their products.

Not surprisingly, your customer conversion rate will increase significantly after integrating our solution.

Customized solutions fit many standard levels of risk

Build a subscription flow that is right for your business. When it comes to identity verification requirements for KYC and AML compliance, you need a risk-based solution that can fit your broader plan to address these regulations. We have created the right profiles for our identity verification platform, so you can adjust CVS InstaKYC to find the right balance between convenience and security to match the level of risk. that you feel comfortable with depending on the risk level of the user's profile.

For example: You can use the Liveness solution via selfie video to make sure the person performing verification is real. With a higher level of reliability, you can request that the identity verification process be done via one-to-one video calls to your employees.

Reduce operating costs and scale up faster than ever

CVS InstaKYC provides AI-based automation solution, helping businesses reduce operating costs and save a lot of time compared to manual process.

With our solution, you can dynamically scale up or down your business as planned.

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